Duke Surgery Announces New Co-Directors of Surgical Education & Activities Lab (SEAL)

The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce the appointments of Louise Jackson, MD, MBBA, and Sabino Zani, MD, as the new Co-Directors of the Surgical Education & Activities Lab (SEAL)

Dr. Zani is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Division of Surgical Oncology and serves as the Chair o the Duke Robotic Committee. Dr. Zani pioneered the adoption of MIS for hepatobiliary procedures at Duke. In addition, Dr. Zani has developed ongoing collaborations with the engineering school to assist in the training of Master’s and Ph.D. candidates with regard to critical thinking at the intersection of Engineering Surgical technologies.

In describing his vision for simulation, Dr. Zani states, “The future of SEAL will include access to new technologies and the collaboration of Learners, Physicians, Engineers and Industry. I foresee SEAL being the nucleus of these collaborations.”

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