The Roboticists Are Coming

Duke Engineering is bulking up its robotics program, both in education and research endeavors.

Already boasting a strong team focused on areas such as precision robotic aids for clinical applications, controlling complex swarms of robots collaborating on a single mission, and securing autonomous systems from nefarious attacks, Duke Robotics is expanding its areas of expertise with the hiring of Siobhan Oca and Boyuan Chen.

Focused on building a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education program, including first-year design classes, projects that construct quadruped autonomous robots, and Master’s certificate programs, Oca recently completed her own PhD in Duke MEMS. And already making waves in the media with projects focused on teaching robots to perceive their own physical constraints and take the first step toward discovering equations governing physical phenomena, Chen recently earned his PhD from Columbia University.


Learn more about Duke Engineering’s newest roboticists and their plans to expand Duke Robotics’s portfolio at the link below

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