Training Overview

Training Classroom

TAST Trainees are trained through specialized coursework, seminars, and experiential activities to develop their research acumen in the convergent disciplines of AI, Surgery, Engineering, and Computer Science.


The TAST orientation establishes baseline knowledge for the TAST fellows, helps to build collaborative relationships, and develops their professional skills through focussed group activities.

Core Courses

  • ME 555.04: Introduction to Medical Robotics and Surgical Technologies (Fall semesters)
  • ME 555.14: Medical Robotics and Surgical Technologies Team Project (Spring semesters)


Industry Internships 

As part of the TAST training, Fellows will gain invaluable experience through summer internships with industry partners and research groups conducting development in the medical technologies field.

Professional Development

The TAST leadership recognizes the importance of professional development in addition to the development of the technical skills necessary to become a successful researcher, entrepreneur, or engineer.  The TAST program provides opportunities for Fellows to strengthen their professional skill sets through targeted seminars, presentations, and physician interviews. 

TAST's Convergent Research Fields


TAST's Convergent Research Fields

Training Schedule for TAST Certificate


Year 1

Year 2

Years 3-5


Core Courses/Training

Individual Research Project

Experiential Training 

  • Build common knowledge & language-bridge disciplines
  • Readiness for core primer modules and surgical context
  • Team Science fundamentals & collaborative skills practice
  • Enhance team building across cohort disciplines
  • Enhance informal science communication
  • Intro to Medical Robotics and Surgical Technologies
  • Lasers in Surgery
  • Machine Learning
  • Group Design Project
  • Elective Course (x2)
  • Physician Shadowing
  • Physician Interviews
  • Grant Writing
  • Capstone research project aligned with the Fellow's PhD research track
  • Industry and Research Lab Internships
  • TA/Mentoring Experience
  • PhD Dissertation Project Development
  • Annual TAST Meeting Presentations